My Journey (so far)

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Photography has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. From a very early age, I recall my father going into the bathroom to convert it into the temporary darkroom for developing pictures. I remember thinking how cool it was to watch the photo take shape under the enlarger as the paper gradually captured the exposure. I remember the funky smelling chemicals and dad telling me what chemical served which purpose. I remember the big clunky timer we used to measure the exposure times. And I remember the microscope-looking-thingy that we used to make sure the film grain was in sharp focus.

By the time I was in Junior High, I had my own Nikon FE with a 35mm lens. I was rolling my own film and shooting for the school annual. I had a couple photos featured in the pages that I had done all the work from A to Z and I was pretty proud of it all.

Then high school and college happened and the camera, while never completely out of the picture (sorry), definitely took a time out.

After college, I ended up with my Dad’s used Nikon D100. My FE had finally given up the ghost and he was getting a newer camera, so I ended up as the beneficiary. I loved it. I loved getting into Photoshop and learning the earlier systems. I loved creating composites and crazy photos. But it was still a hobby. I useful one in that I have a pretty decent library of photos of the kids as they have grown, but a hobby nonetheless.

Over the last couple of years, my photography has become more serious. I think part of that was due to the change in location. We went from being East Coast to Midwest, and the landscape is so different out this way. I began the romance with the camera again, again. Only this time it was different. A lot of my photos were getting “likes” on the social networks. Not viral, by any means, but enough to keep me motivated to produce more work. And by doing work, I began to get work. Portraits, events, weddings, landscapes. And I picked up a Fujifilm Xpro1. The photos are amazing!!! I like this thing, I think…

So here you are at my website. It’s a bit rough around the edges. It’s finding a narrative, discovering itself a piece at a time. Maybe a little disjointed right now, but with some polish and elbow grease this will become a pretty nice place to stay a while. And maybe sometime in the not so distant future, I can upgrade it from a rental place I go to once for vacation to a nice comfortable home for you and for me. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy our trip together. Now let’s get to work! 


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